Monthly Archives: July 2022

Social media and Blogging updates

I’m currently experimenting with a new host and may move this blog there at some point in the near future. The address for the experimental blog is:

This current blog is hosted via WordPress and while it’s not a bad system it’s got a lot of accumulated cruft and posting can sometimes take longer than it should. I don’t need much of what WordPress offers. By comparison is is lighter on code, fewer features, fewer options for themes but, frankly, wonderful. Once an account is set-up it’s simply a matter of dropping files into a folder on DropBox or Google Drive and they’re published. That’s it. Drag, drop, published. I’m using markdown but html also works. Any image can be dropped in and be published directly or added to a text post. requires DropBox or Google Drive for hosting files but beyond that the cost is only $4/month. Really, a fantastic deal. If you’re looking for a blog host, I recommend it. This is especially true if you’re starting from scratch with a new blog.

In regards to social media, I still have a Twitter account but I’m using it less and have been redirecting most of my attention and effort to a mix of Mastodon and