Moft Snap Case and Snap Float Stand Review

Several months ago I decided to try out a couple of iPad accessories from Moft. They have a series of products called the Snap System  that are designed to work  together. I bought the Snap Case and the Snap Float Stand. The various items can be purchased separately or in bundles. Their website is a little confusing when trying to create bundles.

An image of an iPad Pro sitting on a lap desk. The images is from the side showing that the iPad is propped up with a kickstand attached to the back. A keyboard is in front of the iPad.

Of the various iPad accessories I’ve tried over the years I think this pair is my favorite. While I spend some time at a desk I’m often on a futon/beanbag and this combination works great in both places. In both situations it works well to be propped up at various angles in the horizontal or portrait positions. The float stand is also a kickstand that can be used in so many different orientations that it is basically without limit. And it’s very stable on a pillow in my lap.

A fairly typical configuration over the course of a day:
An iPad Pro is sitting on a pillow.
An iPad with an adjustable kickstand attached to the back via a magnet. The iPad is resting on a pillow.iPad propped up in horizontal position, Pencil attached at bottom. This is nice as it keeps the bottom of the screen up off of the pillow and accessible for swiping.

An iPad propped up in horizontal position, Pencil attached at top, front viewFlipped, the pencil on top.
An iPad propped up in horizontal position, Pencil attached at top, rear view showing standiPad propped up in horizontal position, Pencil attached at top

An iPad propped up in portrait mode, photo of backside showing the stand
An iPad propped up in portrait modeiPad propped up in portrait mode

I find that with this case and stand I’ve been using the iPad as a tablet far more because I like having it propped up but without a keyboard in the way. If I want a keyboard I can just reach over and grab it. If I want a keyboard/trackpad I can attach it to the Magic Keyboard which is also nearby.

Because the stand and case are magnetic the stand pulls away easily. I did find that the embedded magnets in the Snap Case were not as strong as I wanted them and I was getting accidental detachments when readjusting the stand angles. Moft includes an extra sticky metal plate with the stand so I attached that to the case as it provides a much stronger connection that never comes off accidentally.

The Snap Case is really thin and Apple’s Magic Keyboard attaches just fine to the Snap Case and closes too though it bulges a bit with the added thickness. That said, because the case is so thin it’s not going to provide much protection in a fall though it does provide a bit protection in terms of daily wear along the edges and back-side.

A few last notes. First, the case also has a convenient spot for the Pencil. If you have a Pencil and like keeping it close by this is a nice addition. It also serves as an extra place to hold the iPad. Second, while the case provides access to the 3 buttons on the outer edges of the iPad it makes it fairly difficult to actually press those buttons.

In terms of durablity, I’ve been using the stand for most of the past  7 months and it’s held up very well. The hinges are as solid as the day I started using it.