Apple and NASA collaborate on short film to celebrate Juno Mission: ‘Visions of Harmony’

As an avid amateur astronomer, NASA supporter and all around science nerd I was pretty happy to read today that Apple has partnered with NASA to produce a nine minute short film to celebrate the Juno spacecraft entering Jupiter’s orbit. The film is available on iTunes and Apple Music for free and is called “Visions […]

An iOS Home Screen Long Press Proposal 

Just a modest proposal for replacing the current 3D Touch on Home screen app icons found on the newest iPhones: why not an enhanced long touch? The current problem is that 3D Touch only works on the newest iPhones. What about older devices and iPads? Why not remove 3D Touch from the Home screen altogether […]

Illustration Fun

I should say that “illustration” is not something I generally do but it is something I’ve been trying out for fun and I intend to improve. I don’t know that it’s something I would be comfortable offering as a service anytime soon but it’s certainly something I’m enjoying.

Apple’s Spaceship

Popular Science gets a tour of the new Apple Spaceship, Campus 2 Three miles from Apple’s Cupertino, California headquarters, the tech giant is building something as massive as its own global reach: Apple’s Campus 2. The Spaceship, as many have nicknamed it, is over one mile in circumference—that’s wider than the Pentagon. When it’s completed […]