Juno Mission Infographic

When I'm not creating something for a client chances are pretty good that I'm reading about astronomy, physics, space exploration or some related area of science. I've often used those interests as the ingredients in a variety of a for-fun graphic design projects. If you follow NASA at all you probably know that this past […]

Intentionally Obtuse?

Jeesh. Mike Murphy, writing for Quartz: In the six years that it’s been on the market, Apple’s iPad has always been a bit of a confusing product. Confusing for who? I purchased one in 2010 the first day it was available. Many in my family did as well. There are well over 10 iPads being […]

Apple asks: What’s a Computer?

In a recent iPad Pro ad Apple simply asks "What's a computer?" In response Microsoft has issued an ad mocking the iPad and Apple's assertion. The suggestion being that if a device doesn't run desktop class apps it's not a computer. If it lacks a mouse, trackpad, and ports it's not a computer. All irrelevant […]

Playing The Long Game Inside Tim Cook’s Apple

What Apple has accomplished with Maps is an example of the kind of grind-it-out innovation that’s happening all the time at the company. You don’t hear a lot about it, perhaps because it doesn’t support the enthralling myth that innovation comes in blinding flashes that lead to hitherto unimaginable products. When critics ding Apple for […]

There are other ways to get content

Peter Kafka at Recode has a bit on Apple’s new TV plan is a TV guide: But TV industry executives I’ve talked to view Apple’s plans as a mixed bag. They like the idea of making their individual shows easier to find, but they worry that moving consumers’ focus from their individual apps to a […]