It’s 2017, we use many computers

So techie and web publisher Joshua Topolsky recently went on a very emotional, not too rational, Twitter tirade regarding the iPad Pro. Just a tiny example: Couple of tweets about the new iPad and iOS 11. It is inferior toa laptop in almost every way, unless you like to draw. If you think you can […]

Adobe’s Baggage

In a recent post on his blog, John Nack asked; Affinity Photo on iPad: Will anyone care? I and a few others posted comments. My response: I know I do. Over the past year I’ve shifted most of my work over to iPad. I manage 15+ client websites using Coda. On the Mac I’d been […]

2017 iPad Pro Reviews Consensus: WOW

Well, it seems the consensus on the new iPad Pro is that it is an absolute monster. Yes, well, you know, a very svelte monster that’s ready to do your bidding. The A10X is off the charts. The new ProMotion is an improvement on par with the switch to Retina, or close to it. Battery […]

There’s nothing quite as nice as setting up a new iPad and watching Star Trek The Next Generation.

I complained the other day on Twitter about Apple-oriented tech podcasts being snarky. In contrast, I’ve been enjoying Techpinions a lot lately. Thoughtful and mature analysis. The latest episode covering WWDC 2017 is excellent.