Monthly Archives: June 2023

Moving the blog

We had a bit of server downtime last week and during that time I began thinking a bit about WordPress. 8 months ago I moved my personal blog, to I’ve decided to do the same for this blog. I’ve imported the site and going forward all new posts will be here: and the RSS feed is here:

What’s wrong with WordPress? In my opinion it just feels overly complicated and bloated. The editing interface is too much for what I need. I’ve used it for years for a couple sites and blogs but I’ve never really liked it. I suppose I’m spoiled by the simplicity of my small, hand coded html sites with a folder for images and a folder for css. No concerns there about the security and updating of plugins, templates, the installation files, databases, backups, etc.

So, for now, at least, future posts will be available at the above links. There’s a new post today about WWDC2023, Apple Vision Pro and iPadOS17

. If you’re following along I hope you make the move with me!