Publishing to WordPress is too messy

I published a post this morning and was reminded that this is too messy. Depending on the app I‘m using, it may not be too difficult to push the text, as html or markdown to WordPress via the WordPress share extension. But where It really falls down is in any editing I have to do in either the WordPress app or WordPress websites. The new editor, which comes in different flavors: Rich Text, Blocks, or HTML is just… eeeewwwwwwwwwww. Too complex, too messy. I sometimes think I‘d post more often if it were easier. Perhaps.

Also, I long for a day when there is some sort of easy timeline solution… easy for anyone. I sort of imagine an Apple service and app, call it iCloud Diary or something. Make it fun with a few custom themes. But easy to post to, something like Mail in terms of composing… super easy to post and edit, for non-techies. And like Messages for following friends, family… a sort of simple presentation of RSS, also for non techies. The point is safe, secure, trusted sharing. I guess a sort of Apple-based Twitter/Facebook. And perhaps make it easy to share from Apple services… Music, News, etc. And an easy to use, safe, secure alternative to Facebook.

3 thoughts on “Publishing to WordPress is too messy

  1. Pete Moore

    Ulysses app on Mac and iOS has WordPress publishing, as well as the ability to edit posts directly. I’m assuming the change to the block editor won’t have an impact on it since it’s an external markdown API interface.

  2. Denny Post author

    Thanks Pete. I used Ulysses several years back but switched to iA Writer which pretty well for publishing. The share extension works well from most apps but the real problem is going back to edit the post or add images. The Ulysses feature sounds for post editing sounds useful. I suppose I’m just longing for an interface that is more simple! I’ve got my other blog tied into and have used that app for posting on occasion. Actually, I think the app and platform is a step in the direction that I’m looking for…

    Related, but off topic and probably a new blog post … thinking about, as a specific platform and kind of community, it hasn’t been sticky for me. I visit and engage a little every so often but then stop. I think, in part, because it somehow feels secluded. In a strange way, I both like and do not like that feeling of seclusion. Every time I pop over and try to use it I end up feeling like I’m in a kind of gated community. In a strange way I suppose I’m longing for some sort of internet home that is connected in a more meaningful way to my analog life. I use Messages and Slack for that. I have lots of silos, none of which are connected.

    1. Pete Moore

      Interesting thought about feeling secluded, now that I think about it you’re probably right (although for me I enjoy it that way, feels like more of a tight knit community). That probably stems a lot from its indieweb roots and focus, which I suspect a large majority of people aren’t familiar with or interested in. I’ve met such great people on there and had really genuine conversations that Twitter will never compare with at this point.

      My writing silo I haven’t fully settled on again. I had originally decided to put all my writing on M.b., but now I’m having second thoughts about keeping short and long form posts together on the same service. My plan is to become an author, so find myself considering if it’s best to maintain a separation between these two extremes so that my main blog can be more “professionally” focused. The downside to this is not having writing all in one single place which also has appeal.

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